Tuesday May 18th- SBHCA Meeting!

Hey Yall

This is a reminder that we are having another Southern Barton Heights Community Association Meeting a week from today on Tuesday May 18th at 6:30 at the Goal Post Restaurant on North Avenue.

The Goal Post Restaurant and Lounge 2400 North Avenue

Topic: Developing a Strategy for Neighborhood Growth and Improvement

Special Guest: Candice Streett, Executive Director, Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Tell your neighbors and lets have a big and productive meeting! Don’t forget to bring your dues if you are not yet a member. Come hear about community plans for the upcoming months!


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Free Speech for May Day Parade!!!

Check this out: As organizers of this years May Day Parade, the decision was made to get a permit for the event this year, to make it more inclusive for folks at greater risk of arrest. Despite our attempts at doing things the ‘correct’ way, the city and the police have failed to behave in a legal or respectful manner.

The Richmond Police are infringing on our right
to free speech by demanding that we produce the funds to pay for off
duty police officers in order to march in the street. We have chosen
not to set that precedent for future marches by any organization.
Please sign this petition, more actions will be announced late this
evening. Please refer to http://maydayrva.org for more

Targeting: Secretary Cheryl Green (Secratary to the Mayor of Richmond), Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood (Richmond City Chief of Police) and Mayor Dwight C. Jones (Richmond City Mayor)
Started by: Richmond May Day Organizing Committee

To get to the petition:


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Battery Park Earth Day Celebration!

This Saturday, April 24th, is the Battery Park Earth Day Celebration!!!! Involving organizations such as the Southern Barton Heights Community Association, Battery Park Civic Association, The Wingnut, Friends of Battery Park etc. the event will be held from 3-6pm at the Battery Park Playground.

There will be Yoga demonstrations, live entertainment, and Southern Barton Heights Community Association is doing a kids table, where kids can plant their own mint seeds, get and color in coloring books, see a solar water fountain, and maybe even learn about a vegetable oil truck!


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Good link for information about Richmond

Here is a link from the City of Richmond website, useful for accessing stuff like Census data, land use and zoning, permits, and historical areas.

Figured I would share since the city website can be difficult to navigate.


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Wildflowers and Litter Clean Up

After an already busy day, including fence and gate repair and Food Not Bombs, us Wingnuts set off to our corner store with shovels, rakes, trashbags, and wildflower seeds. Our street, Barton Avenue, has no trashcans, but a lot of people use it as the path to and from the North Avenue Market. So there is a bunch of trash. We’ve picked it up before, but this time we went to a further spot from our house, right next to the store. Basically, right where Barton/Dove/and North are located. We filled 2 giant bags with litter. Thanks to the folks at North Avenue Market for giving us a trashbag! Then we tilled up the dirt with shovels and planted some wildflower seeds. I hope they grow!

Earlier in the day we were picking up glass from the street in front of our house, and one of our other neighbors came out with a push broom to help us. That was awesome.

People keep trying to plant 40 Trees and Wild Irish Rose bushes on our street, but we think that sucks.

If we can’t get the city to put in trashcans we might try to fundraise to get some ourselves and chain them up along Barton Avenue.

And hopefully we wil be cleaning up the street on a more regular basis and gettin other folks involved.

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Canon Creek Clean Up- March 20th

Just so folks in the area know, there will be a Trash cleanup on Saturday March 20th of the Canon Creek Greenway, which is just east of Southern Barton Heights.

Folks will be meeting up at 8:30 at the old National Guard Building on Dove Street.

Good opportunity to meet your neighbors, and help clean up the area a little bit too!

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Report Back from the 6th District Meeting

On Saturday at 10am, there was a 6th District Town Meeting with Ellen Robertson at The Goal Post on North Avenue.

The attendance was intense- probably 40 to 50 people. The majority of the attendees were black, with a few white folks too. Though most of the white folks were not residents, but were coming to represent a project or government agency etc. that was affecting our area. (more…)

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